Excited to announce the release of my new record "Symphonies of Dirt & Dust". I recorded it in Boston with the great producer Jason Meeker. We started it a little over a year ago, and would meet in the studio whenever I had a few days off the road. Special guests include Amy Fairchild, Dan McLoughlin (Push Stars) and Kristin Cifelli. The cover art was done by one of my favorite artists in the world, Sara Pulver.

Two of the songs are featured in the new Pierce Brosnan movie "Some kind of beautiful" (Salma Hayek, Jessice Alba) and I am really excited to share it.

Released August 24th, 2015
All Songs Written and Performed by Chris Trapper
Produced by Jason Meeker

The Players:

All instruments played by Chris Trapper and Jason Meeker except:
Dan McLoughlin: bass on #2, 3
Scot Fitzsimmons: bass on #8
Amy Fairchild: harmonies on #7, 10
Kristin Cifelli: harmonies on #8

Cover painting by Sara Culver
Back cover photo by Topher Cox

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