Chris describes this album "The rarities cd for me is less about cleaning out the closet, and more about revealing what's in the closet. A lot of these songs were so personal to me at the time of writing them, that I just put them away with the thought that, "I'm not ready to air this out in public yet. I think of it as the difference of what you might read in a greeting card, vs. what you might write in a hand written note. The meaning is greater, and the sentiment is real."

17 new and previously unreleased original Chris Trapper songs including fan favorites "Living Downtown" and "A Day Without You".

Released June 30th, 2008
All Songs Written and Performed by Chris Trapper
Recorded by Phil Brooks, Bead Young, and Crit Harmon

The Players:

Chris Trapper: guitar, piano, ukulele, vocals
Liz Debiase: keyboards
Crit Harmon: bass programming

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